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What is Man

We are Light. Body and Soul.
The Force of Consciousness. The Source of the Fundamental Energy of the Universe, the Electric Force. The Particle and Wave Energy. The Matter and Radiation of Consciousness. Quantum Consciousness. Duality of all Existence.

Consciousness is life and, matter is it’s manifestation.
Greater the Consciousness, greater the Conscience, the Spirit (character) of the Conscious.
Greater the Conscience, closer the conscious to the Source of Consciousness, The Great Spirit (the perfect character).

The existence of man's consciousness depends on the conscious-conscience equivalence. The material state of man is the prerequisite to consummating the conscious-conscience equivalence, and propagating and transforming into the pure conscious state of the highest consciousness that exists beyond the space-time continuum.
Therefore: Existence is uniform to the Magnitude of the Conscious-Conscience increasing by itself. E=MC².
And the increase is from the Source of all Existence, The Unconscious within us.

Mechanics of Consciousnes

Consciousness is fundamentally all that exist. It is the Force and the Source that radiate Energy and Mass, the invisible and the visible, the thought and the materialization of thought. The duality of all existence. However, consciousness is innate and intrinsic to an entity and, by it's nature accord the entity personage. Therefore consciousness is the energy of a personality, and not of a thing. Energy of a thinking knowing Person.
The idea of the evolution of conscious beings by things, suggest that inanimate elementary particles of nature integrate in distinct manner to produce precise order of conscious beings. Either these elementary particles possess quanta of consciousness or, a specific combination or interaction of these particles produce consciousness. Nonetheless, this does not explain the existence of conscience. Do these particles possess conscience or is conscience a distinctive element of consciousness? Furthermore, is the magnitude of conscience relative to the intensity of the consciousness? Inferentially this does not seem to be the case. Man is undeniably the most intense consciousness but, every conscious human being do not seem to have a conscience, and what is even more peculiar is that, most who seem to have a conscience shy away from acting conscientiously. Despite this oddity, every human being is acutely protective of their integrity, which is conscience related.
So there is a clear correlation between consciousness and conscience and, the intensity of consciousness and the magnitude of conscience. But it is inconceivable that humans, such intense conscious beings, with parallel intelligence, actually believe that they are the product of inanimate particles. With much thought and research we have found sound reasons for this bizarre reality.
Consciousness give rise to self consciousness at some stage of intensity, and the 'self' part of the consciousness is literally an offspring of consciousness, possessing independent personality and free will. And more often than not, the will of the offspring seek absolute independence of the will of the parent consciousness. As it is the nature of the will of the parent to give complete freedom to the offspring, the offspring is free to form it's own conscience. However, consciousness itself cannot separate from consciousness. Loosely speaking, 'consciousness' is the species and the 'will' is the individuality within the species. To completely separate from the parent consciousness is to become another species. When a human being behaves inhumanly (not acceptable by human standards) it is often said, that he or she is behaving like an animal.
So there is a collective human conscience, radiating from a collective human consciousness, which is an offshoot of a Greater Collective Consciousness. Spiritualists may address this Consciousness as the Great Spirit or God, nonetheless, what we call this Consciousness is unimportant. What is important is that we acknowledge the fact we are an extension of a consciousness greater than our self-consciousness and become conscious of it. We cannot escape from this consciousness, just as much as we cannot escape being human. However, to accept this consciousness is also to accept it's conscience.
For any self-consciousness to accept another's conscience is sacrilegious, but to accept another self-consciousness as greater, is death. So man denies the existence of a greater consciousness, of which he is, and walks the earth as the greatest consciousness; where each man lives by his own conscience to legitimize his own supremacy, within a collective human and other consciousnesses. Thus conflict between each man, and between mankind and the rest of nature is inevitable.

The title of this excerpt is not the title of the chapter.
What is Man From The world of Ro and Mo
© Rohan and Mohan Perera 2011

One World. One Life.

The Strange Quirks of the Quarks

Those who want the best of both worlds, and that is quite a lot of us, will agree that we are the creation of an eternal evolutionary process by matter that has existed forever. And consciousness is a mere byproduct of this evolutionary process. To them, the idea of a planed, a well thought out by conscious effort, creation of all that is visible and invisible is ludicrous; because it would force them to be conscientious (truly grown-up).
Snakes are conscious, the ones that are alive; but they are morally insensate as viruses. Human beings have placed them as lower order animals in the animal kingdom hierarchy, according to their intelligence and their biological evolutionary attributes; and have placed themselves as the highest order of animal in intelligence, and biologically (mammalian) to evolve thus far.
Live chimpanzees, biologically mammals, are without a doubt far superior to almost every other animal except for human beings in intelligence.
"The genetic difference between humans and chimps is less than 2%." From Wikipedia on human evolutionary genetics.
However, any human being would agree that the intelligence of chimpanzees maybe 2% that of the stupidest human being. Yet the size and weight of the brain of the stupidest human being may in fact be heavier and larger than the brain of the cleverest human being. Brain size alone do not necessarily give rise to higher intelligence.
"Several studies have reported that races overlap significantly in brain size but differ in average brain size. The magnitude of these differences varies depending on the particular study and the methods used. In general, these studies have reported that East Asians have on average a larger brain size than whites who have on average a larger brain size than blacks." From Wikipedia on Race and intelligence (brain size).
People with Learning Disabilities 'Down's syndrome' have a part or all of an extra 21st chromosome, and accordingly suffer from physical and intellectual disability. Their brain size is not necessarily smaller than the brains of normal people, yet paradoxically their extra chromosomes doesn't give them extra intelligence, nor do they make them less human. They are human, perhaps child like and possess a conscience just like anybody who is deemed to be a normal child or adult.
All that seem to exist in the universe, beside space-time (emptiness-duration), are made of quarks. Quarks are bits of energy (light) having a minute amount of electrical charge that cannot be seen by instruments that are available today. Atoms made from quarks are made of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have positive electric charge and have more than three times the mass of electrons and are oppositely charged. Neutrons have the same mass as protons but without electric charge. The ingenuity of the atom is that, it is made of these subatomic particles (hadrons) with mass, and with and without electric charge from quarks that have mass, electric and colour charge, and spin. Apparently there are six types of quarks and for every type there is a corresponding antiparticle with equal magnitude in some of it's properties but of opposite charge. Quarks are elementary particles and the fundamental constituent of Matter. If quarks gave rise to consciousness (Life), our awareness; then they must be constituents of consciousness or carry a fractional essence of consciousness.
What is the fundamental constituent of Quarks? What is the fundamental constituent of Energy?
And, what are the fundamental constituent of Space and Time?
If we did not possess consciousness, we would not write this book, and you would not read it. But all other animals who are conscious cannot write or read, and do not even think of life the way we humans do. This is where our consciousness exceed theirs like their’s do over vegetation that live, and the consciousness of vegetation exceed the consciousness of inanimate objects. We, the living are made of inanimate quarks. Therefore inanimate objects must possess some consciousness (life), because quarks must possess consciousness. Nothing can come from nothing. That being the case it is pertinent to state that quarks are 'tiny sparks' of the energy of consciousness radiating from the source of consciousness. A quark is a quantum of consciousness. Consciousness is the source of Energy. And the source of consciousness we can proclaim to be God (The All Knowing).
Everything is energy. Life is energy. Whatever we do, we create from thought. Thought is only possible because of consciousness. Creating is producing, generating new, procreating and increasing and diversifying energy; and manifesting energy of thought by materializing the intension, idea or emotion according to the intensity (gravity) of any particular thought. Thought give rise to feelings (emotion), and feelings in turn give rise to new thought. We as extensions of consciousness of a greater consciousness become aware and experience the creations of that greater consciousness. This becoming aware and experiencing the creation, which includes ourselves, is our life.
Consciousness comes with conscience. Where there is consciousness, there is conscience, and the magnitude of the consciousness determine the acuteness of it's conscience. Like an atom comes with a proton, neutron and electrons; consciousness comes with conscience, the Character of the The Unconscious (the source of consciousness) and it’s Self Awareness, the positive energy of consciousness. Our self consciousness, the extension of The Unconscious that give rise to our individualism, possess positive and negative energy, emotions that try to keep the conscience of the self in balance with the conscience of the source by orbiting around the positivity and negativity of our creative thoughts. The instinctual sense of right and wrong. The sphere of influence of the source, as we are extensions of the Source.
We humans possess the capacity to acquire infinite awareness. In other words, we possess consciousness that can grow infinitely. This capability makes us like the source of consciousness itself. Our consciousness is able to become (like) the consciousness of the source. We have been thought of to become like the source by the source. And we are to achieve this of our free will, like the source does of it's free will. And to become like the source is to grow in consciousness. Growing in consciousness is maintaining conscientiousness in all our creative thoughts. But in accomplishing this balanced growth in consciousness leads to the feeling of abandoning our own identity (the self) ego, and taking up another's identity, that which is of the source. We struggle with ourselves, the battle of the ego and the super ego, 'the good and the bad'. So in the world most of us try to have the best of both worlds, and create by law (rules) and not by love (conscience). Laws can be changed, and are changed to suit or please the self, but love (conscientiousness), selflessness in creating, cannot, and do not change no matter what. The self has to grow and become a self awareness to become aware of the source. Once aware of the source, the self must reduce, relinquish the ego gradually as it grows in awareness of it's source, and in due course die and be born or emerge as an express image of the source.
There is only one world, realm, universe, energy, consciousness; and it is impossible to have the best of two worlds, when there really is only one world. It is pure fantasy, and stupidity to dream of another life, when life is Awareness of the Real, the truth. There is only one truth to anything. But how man dislikes the truth is how he loves fantasy and miss (fall short of) the eternal reality of Life. We all have our strange quirks, but we are all of the same quarks! We are all from one, and we can only be one. God is not alone, but are one.

What is Man From The world of Ro and Mo
© Rohan and Mohan Perera 2011

Conscious-Conscience Equivalence

Peace of Mind, the Liberty of Life

We all want to be God. Supreme, important, and above all. We are of, and from the only supreme Being. Naturally we all want to be what we were thought of, though, we as the created cannot be above the creator. However, we can be above one another, and that is precisely what we are doing. Sadly, there always is someone, if not something we cannot control. Our entire earthly time is spent chasing after the wind, and in a very short time return to sender. Most of us forego the transformation we were sent here to accomplish. Except for a very few, all the greatness, and wealth most of us manage to realize here, are superseded and inherited by someone who is sent after us. Unless we are willing to share our Awareness, from whence our power is generated, equally with others for mutual benefit in the growth of Awareness to procreate Awareness (Life); our Awareness will decline and eventually degenerate and disappear. As our body is recycled, and used to make bodies for new Awarenesses, we become unaware of ourself, and our Awareness return to the Source void. If we want to be God, supreme and all powerful (all knowing), then we must give up all that we desire (being self absorbed) on earth, for the Source of all Awareness. From being intensely self engrossed, to being absolutely engaged with the Source of our Awareness. Become like the Source itself; as an equal with the Source, while at the same time preserving our self Awareness (identity). An identical twin, an express image of the Source. For we, our Consciousness, not our body, was created according to the likeness and the image of the Source of our Consciousness. Firstly innocent like babies, and then the Conscience (character) of the Source was introduced.
“Behold the man has become like One of Us, Knowing Good and Evil.” Gen. 3:22
Conscious means to ‘know with’, so man came to know with Existence and Nonexistence. Life and death. And unless man comes to know with the Character of Existence and transpire that Character, the possibility of eternal Existence is a big goose egg. Eternally Existing in Consciousness is knowing with the Eternal Consciousness, that is to know with It’s Character. So that man can Communicate eternally with like Characters.
“Can two walk together, unless they are Agreed.” Amos.3:3
And there exists no other Consciousness, Conscious-Conscience.
“There is none besides Me.” Isaiah. 45:5
The Source is within us. Our ability to grow in Awareness of the Source is within us. Our continuity in Awareness is within us, but without venturing within us, we are left with what is outside of us that are mere manifestations of Awareness. We can become aware of God's manifestations and be subject to them, or we can become aware of Him who manifest all that exists and procreate by unifying with His Awareness. Become truly God by becoming fully conscious, knowing with our innermost quiddity, the Conscience; and fully uniting with it, and walking with God. Or we can spend our time here, becoming aware of all that has manifested from the thoughts of God, and feel we have become God. But, there is no other experience more empowering and undying than the experience of uniting unconditionally with the Conscience of God.
To be loved unconditionally, we have to love unconditionally. We have to forsake our desire for self glorification, and seek after the glory that gave birth to our self-awareness; and become one with it, and be glorified in the fulfillment of It's desire. All what exists is all what we can know about. We have come to know a little about an infinite amount, and we feel like God, and believe we are.
Knowledge is understanding something about what already exist. Awareness is recognizing what something is about, and appreciating what it is, and realizing it. To accept what we are is to be what we are, incarnations of pure Light to increase in brightness to shine like the Source of our light. Only then will we have the Awareness to understand about all that exists. Our Awareness is a quantum of a great Consciousness with an equally great Conscience, and to become greatly Conscious we need to become equally Conscientious. That is truly growing up. Regrettably many are growing old and wise in their own eyes by growing in knowledge of what has been created, and not of the creator, and believe they are grown up. But if we were to truly grow up: when our material manifestation expires, we can continue in the realization of our being, in the knowledge of who we really are; without which we cannot relate to consciousness that is life, and conscientiousness that is living. The Special Relativity of Consciousness: the Conscious-Conscience equivalence. The reality of life.
The universe is a materialization of a Consciousness. The Universe: one Realm, one Consciousness. Consciousness is not manifested from the material. The material is the matter of Consciousness. Consciousness is Life, and matter is
it's testimony. The matter of God.
Our body is matter of God, and our consciousness is Awareness of God. To become God we have to become aware of our consciousness, and not of our matter. Our creations are matter of our consciousness, and their worth or fate is judged or decided upon by our conscience; but our consciousness is an extension of the Universal Consciousness, and it's worthiness is decided upon by It's Conscience. Therefore our destiny depends on what we create with our Conscious-Conscience.
“Out of the mouths of babes and nursing infants your fate will be determined.” Matt.21:16
“Unless you convert and become humble like little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom
of God.” Matt. 18:3
“If you want to be Perfect, go sell all your creations, and follow your Conscience." Matt. 19:21
"For what good is it for you to create anything, yet lose the means of creating.” Matt. 16:26
Who wants eternal life?
Everybody wants to live forever. But everybody knows that they won't.
Everybody wants to remain conscious, now that they have become conscious. And everybody is aware, that they will lose their awareness. So it goes without saying that, nobody really thinks of living a life that can continue forever. Nobody opens a fixed deposit account that they can withdraw in two hundred years time, unless they want to leave it to their great grand children.
There is a time during our growth in consciousness, when we begin to become aware that our consciousness (life) will expire, and this awareness of the termination of our consciousness becomes greater as we grow further in consciousness. A two year old hardly knows it is alive, and is not aware of dying. A teenager's awareness of his consciousness is so vibrant and naive, that he feels he is invincible, and a forty year old's awareness of his consciousness has reached a more reasonable stage, and is fully aware of the expiry of his consciousness. An eighty year old has reasoned for forty years and is pragmatic about his end. As we grow in consciousness, we become more aware of our end. That is the irony of consciousness. Life tells you life will end. And there is more undesirable realizations to come from Consciousness that we have to confront during our time of Consciousness.
There is nothing we can do about our life. We cannot plan the future, and what life is to each one of us, is the life that is presented to us. No one is where they are, doing what they are doing, and with whom they are with; of their own will, or of their making. None of us are born of our own making, so how can any of us make anything happen of our own will? All what we make happen is what conclusion we make on any given circumstance, and the decision, and the action or no action we make on it. Life is Consciousness, and Consciousness brings Awareness to the Conscious, and the Conscious becomes aware of his circumstance in relation to his position, physically and more importantly emotionally, and is forced into decision making. Problem solving. Life is now problematic and difficult. Henceforth eternal life is not so attractive. It would mean problem solving forever.
Who wants to work forever, without retirement on
a sizable pension forever?
Who wants to be with the same woman or man having infinite number of children, without desiring another woman or man, and free of responsibility for his or her young forever?
Who wants to climb the corporate ladder forever, without ever reaching the top? For reaching the top would mean end of that life.
Who wants to do the same thing forever?
Who wants to do anything, anytime, anywhere, and anyhow forever, like God?
On earth we repeat life. It is a physical life in a
physical world. The physical realm is a circular, oscillating domain. The physical universe is a sphere moving in a circular course, and everything in it, down to the most elementary particle is oscillating and circling. And since man has decided out of his awareness that he is a physical being, he lives a circular oscillating life. Every year he looks forward to the New Year, Birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wage Increase, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The Circle of life. What we do on these repeated occurrences are the oscillations of life. The circling life is boring, so we increase our oscillation at every repeated occurrence. As each repeated occurrence passes, our frequency of oscillation drops, and the excitement of life returns to low frequency; and if there weren't another occurrence to look forward for excitement, life would become passionless and flat. Like the wave pattern on a heart monitor of a person who's heart has stopped beating. So the next occurrence revives our oscillation like a medical team revives the heart to beat again with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. But eventually the matter of our body also loses it's frequency of oscillation, and breaks down to continue in it's circular course. And our awareness of it all ends there.
However, if we embrace Consciousness as we are meant to, and increase in the frequency of interaction with the Source of our Consciousness, our consciousness will grow in Awareness, in Conscious-Conscience equilibrium; and life will transform from a circular oscillating material repetition, to a linear advancing nonmaterial Energy. A compelling infinite life force with a myriad of possibilities.
How does one know that this is what life is all about?
How does one know anything unless one experience them?
Our consciousness comes with a conscience, and the choice we are given is to be conscientious or not to be conscientious. To be God, or not to be God.
Everybody is looking for their Soul Mate when everybody is born of their Soul Mate, their Conscience. To be one with your Conscience is to truly be Conscious (to know with) of your other half. Most of humanity in their ‘Unconsciousness’ mistake Holy Communion for holy matrimony.
Matrimony is to do with Mother. Through whom we are born physically, so naturally we seek mother’s love.
Communion is to do with Love. Of whom we are
created in Love, so conscientiously we need to seek God’s Love.
In the physical universe, our consciousness is restricted by physical laws. In theory we can do many things, but in practice they are impossible to execute. Nevertheless, our consciousness is not restricted, perhaps demanding, yet absolutely free to achieve it’s highest state. The state of our consciousness determines the position of our character, but the position we hold in the world do not necessarily determine the state of our character. So he who holds a position has the power (integrity) vested in the position, but he who holds the power has the position in himself. And most of us work for a position in the world to have power in the world. But in heaven there is only one position for all who have the power (integrity) of the Eternal.
If one can live with one’s Conscience, one can live with God forever. ‘God within’.
Peace of Mind, the Liberty of Life.
It’s the spirit (character) that lives, the body (matter) profits nothing.


The Hereafter

There is no past or future. Only the present.
Having said that, let us make sense of that.
We are individual consciousnesses emanating from one Source. Consciousness is immaterial, that is to say, consciousness is nonphysical and, not subject to time and space. It is a spiritual entity. Consciousness has no boundary and juncture. It is an Energy of Character, the nature or the Spirit of an Awareness.
Consciousness is knowingness, which means having the ability to imagine; and to imagine is to create. The physical universe including man is the manifestation of imagination. What is created has boundary and juncture according to what is imagined, so it exists in a domain (space) and has duration (time), and has to materialize (matter). So, matter exists in space and time, and they exist in the imagination of the conscious– which is independent of time, and occupy no space and, is nonphysical.
We have manifested from the imagination of the Source of consciousness, and obviously, have been imagined to possess some consciousness; perhaps a little knowingness, but unquestionably a lot more knowingness than any other that has been imagined. Though our materialization occupy space and is subject to time, our consciousness, which is an extension of the one consciousness, occupy no space and exist beyond time.
None of us remember our own physical birth. The beginning of our robotic mechanical (automated by consciousness) material body. But no one, not even ourself, remember our first thought, the beginning of our self-consciousness. Our own life. The death of our material manifestation therefore is not necessarily the cessation of our consciousness. If life means being conscious within a time period, in automated matter occupying space; then time, matter and space will dictate the life, and will be bound in that dimension.
The body grows automatically if it is met with it’s material sustenance by whom it is given birth to. However, the consciousness of the individual will grow solely according to the will of the individual. It can be influenced but not compelled to grow. Growing in consciousness is developing the spirit or the character of the consciousness, not the growth of knowledge. Our consciousness is capable of growing infinitely in knowledge, just as it can grow infinitely in spirituality. Spirituality is the characteristics of the consciousnesses, and there is only one characteristic nature of consciousness that exist beyond time and space. That is the character or the spirit of the Source of all consciousnesses. Unifying with the spirit of the Source is to exist with the Source beyond the material realm, and intensify the energy of the Source and the self proportionately. The Source will continue to grow indefinitely and create infinitely, and in the process gain and possess relative knowledge; and man, the ultimate creation of the Source is it’s procreation.
If we want to continue in consciousness, that is, remain conscious beyond the materialized realm, our consciousness must be in uniform with that of the Source. There is only one Consciousness, from which it materializes it's thoughts in one dimension – one universe – one space – one time: of one energy – mass – matter, that is Light. To become equal with this consciousness is to merge with the eternal consciousness.
To become equal with this Consciousness is not to acquire it's knowledge, but to desire it's Character, it's Spirit; and cling to it for dear life. Consciousness is the energy, and it's Spirit is the Character. Our consciousness is the energy of the Source, that is timeless, but our character is not of the source and has a time to develop and acquire timelessness, and we are free to choose to do, or not to do so. Acquiring knowledge is good, and will increase our viability for the time we are here in the physical dimension, but growing in spirit (Conscientious) will deliver us into the next dimension of our consciousness. We don’t need to study theology, psychology, or criminology and attend church or mosque, and pray or chant to know and do, what the conscience (the spirit of the source) instructs us to do, during our experiential physical time to prepare us to unite with the Source of our Life.
There is only one consciousness, one energy, one personality, one ethos. There is only one world, one humanity in the Uni-verse. There is only one God, one divinity in the hereafter.
If the world won't unite as one, the world will destroy itself – given time. However, there is no time, and there is no space for inequity in the hereafter.
Before we got here, we were a figment of the aspiring imagination of the Source,
Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jer. 1:5
Now that we are here, what are we to do?
Come follow Me.” Matt. 19:21
We have our life, why do we need to follow anyone?
I have come, so that you May have Life, and have it more abundantly.” John. 10:10
When we consider the heavens, the moon and the stars, the works of the Source, what are we, that the Source of all that exists is mindful of us and visit us? Ps. 8:3
That you May be Sons of your Father in heaven.” Matt. 5:45
Mankind has been here for thousands of years, and no doubt will continue to be here for some time to come. But not many of us are here for one tenth of a thousand years, while the earth and the universe have existed for billions of years, and may continue to do so for many more.
So here we are– like a drop in an ocean of consciousness, and perhaps for a billionth of a second in the infinity of time, existing in awe of all that we see; and bewildered by our own consciousness.
Overwhelmed by the vastness of consciousness, and in fear of it’s power; as possessors of a quantum of this consciousness, we think from lack, and act in fear, and deny ourself of infinite consciousness (life) hereafter.

The titles of these excerpts are not the titles of the chapters.
What is Man From The world of Ro and Mo
© Rohan and Mohan Perera 2011