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What is Man

We are Light. Body and Soul.
The Force of Consciousness. The Source of the Fundamental Energy of the Universe, the Electric Force. The Particle and Wave Energy. The Matter and Radiation of Consciousness. Quantum Consciousness. Duality of all Existence.

Consciousness is life and, matter is it’s manifestation.
Greater the Consciousness, greater the Conscience, the Spirit (character) of the Conscious.
Greater the Conscience, closer the conscious to the Source of Consciousness, The Great Spirit (the perfect character).

The existence of man's consciousness depends on the conscious-conscience equivalence. The material state of man is the prerequisite to consummating the conscious-conscience equivalence, and propagating and transforming into the pure conscious state of the highest consciousness that exists beyond the space-time continuum.
Therefore: Existence is uniform to the Magnitude of the Conscious-Conscience increasing by itself. E=MC².
And the increase is from the Source of all Existence, The Unconscious within us.

Mechanics of Consciousnes

Consciousness is fundamentally all that exist. It is the Force and the Source that radiate Energy and Mass, the invisible and the visible, the thought and the materialization of thought. The duality of all existence. However, consciousness is innate and intrinsic to an entity and, by it's nature accord the entity personage. Therefore consciousness is the energy of a personality, and not of a thing. Energy of a thinking knowing Person.
The idea of the evolution of conscious beings by things, suggest that inanimate elementary particles of nature integrate in distinct manner to produce precise order of conscious beings. Either these elementary particles possess quanta of consciousness or, a specific combination or interaction of these particles produce consciousness. Nonetheless, this does not explain the existence of conscience. Do these particles possess conscience or is conscience a distinctive element of consciousness? Furthermore, is the magnitude of conscience relative to the intensity of the consciousness? Inferentially this does not seem to be the case. Man is undeniably the most intense consciousness but, every conscious human being do not seem to have a conscience, and what is even more peculiar is that, most who seem to have a conscience shy away from acting conscientiously. Despite this oddity, every human being is acutely protective of their integrity, which is conscience related.
So there is a clear correlation between consciousness and conscience and, the intensity of consciousness and the magnitude of conscience. But it is inconceivable that humans, such intense conscious beings, with parallel intelligence, actually believe that they are the product of inanimate particles. With much thought and research we have found sound reasons for this bizarre reality.
Consciousness give rise to self consciousness at some stage of intensity, and the 'self' part of the consciousness is literally an offspring of consciousness, possessing independent personality and free will. And more often than not, the will of the offspring seek absolute independence of the will of the parent consciousness. As it is the nature of the will of the parent to give complete freedom to the offspring, the offspring is free to form it's own conscience. However, consciousness itself cannot separate from consciousness. Loosely speaking, 'consciousness' is the species and the 'will' is the individuality within the species. To completely separate from the parent consciousness is to become another species. When a human being behaves inhumanly (not acceptable by human standards) it is often said, that he or she is behaving like an animal.
So there is a collective human conscience, radiating from a collective human consciousness, which is an offshoot of a Greater Collective Consciousness. Spiritualists may address this Consciousness as the Great Spirit or God, nonetheless, what we call this Consciousness is unimportant. What is important is that we acknowledge the fact we are an extension of a consciousness greater than our self-consciousness and become conscious of it. We cannot escape from this consciousness, just as much as we cannot escape being human. However, to accept this consciousness is also to accept it's conscience.
For any self-consciousness to accept another's conscience is sacrilegious, but to accept another self-consciousness as greater, is death. So man denies the existence of a greater consciousness, of which he is, and walks the earth as the greatest consciousness; where each man lives by his own conscience to legitimize his own supremacy, within a collective human and other consciousnesses. Thus conflict between each man, and between mankind and the rest of nature is inevitable.

The title of this excerpt is not the title of the chapter.
What is Man From The world of Ro and Mo
© Rohan and Mohan Perera 2011

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